Our business is flourishing, however we do not have certifications like ISO, Fair trade etc. Most of the standards  are already implemented in a more efficient way than what legality claims. Clients are welcome to visit-

  • We have not claimed total women empowerment and sought government aid that is offered to Self Help women group. Instead, we do it in real as we do not want the thought of NGO to come to our employees. They should understand we are competing globally and we need to be on par.
  • Carbon emission: We do not use any motorized vehicles to transport the cotton bales. They are carried in bullock carts and the distance of travel between raw materials is less than150kms. Thus, less emission albeit with no certification
  • Employee benefit: The relationship between all of us is familial. We support the education of the children of our economically underprivileged employees by paying their fees.
  • Our goods are finally checked by people who grow cotton. Thus, the one who produces the basic raw material has the final say on the produce.
  • Eco friendly inks: We use only water based inks for printing.
  • We do a lot of social work like planting trees and distributing saplings.
  • In essence the String bag,Mesh bag,Sac Filet, Einkaufsnetz that you hold in your hand is truly ethically sourced, ethically made and honestly delivered – at the end of the day we need to answer our Conscience - let alone the legality.